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'An Apology To Elephants', 2019

'An Apology To Elephants' is a commentary on the escalating numbers of police violence against Black children and youth in Brazil. Through metaphor and collage-like compilation of archival footage, the video works through issues of racism and police brutality focusing on real-life events that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

A video by Anna Parisi
Voice Over: Jamie Serow

Editing: Anna Parisi

'Your Presence Weighs On My Daily Commute', 2017

Your presence weighs on my daily commute is a post-2016 election reflection on empathy, race, love, and human relations. An investigation of contemporary relationships in dialogue with ideas proposed by the Brazilian journalist Regina Navarro in her study regarding the history and manifestation of love from prehistory to the contemporary times; and Maggie Nelson's "The Argonauts."

A video by Anna Parisi
Voice Over: Leonardo Porto, Isabel Barata Adler & Anna Parisi
Editing: Anna Parisi

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