'An Apology To Elephants' is a reflection on the escalating numbers of mistake black child murders in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Through metaphor and collagelike compilation of archival footage, the video works through issues of racism and police brutality. 

Editing: Anna Parisi

Voice Over: Jamie Serow

Found Archival Footage


'Hiatus with no Hyphen' is a 20-minute performance that took place at Urban Glass on January 23, 2019. The piece tackles ideas of oppression and violence against black bodies in Brazil. My body is a stand-in for those black, queer and female voices that are muted by the government and institutions - that repeatedly seek to erase their expression. In this piece two collaborators and the audience manipulate, attack and electrocute the black body, while it resists all violence. I focus on the unsolved case of Marielle Franco (black Brazilian queer activist that was assassinated in 2018) and attack the current right-wing shift in Brazilian politics. 

Collaborators: Nicole Economides & Paulina Kim Joo;

Photos: Tim Belliveau;

Camera: Alex Salerno;

Editing: Anna Parisi


Wetpain, an electroshock performance is a 30 minutes piece performed at various locations. The public is invited to interact by deciding the speed and intensity of the electromuscular stimulator machine attached to the artist's arm. White or black acrylic on white or black Bristol paper.

Camera: Cristina Müller and Nina Hoelzl, Editing: Cristina Müller


Your presence weighs on my daily commute is a post-2016 election reflection on empathy, race, love and human relations. An investigation of contemporary relationships in dialogue with ideas proposed by the Brazilian journalist Regina Navarro in her study regarding the history and manifestation of love from prehistory to the contemporary times; and Maggie Nelson's "The Argonauts."

Camera and editing: Anna Parisi

 © 2020 by anna parisi. 

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