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'Forget Me Not' is an ongoing postcard project that began in 2013. Postcards are scattered through different cities of the world with a handwritten message and a return address. Each postcard contains a message that urges for the card finder to interact and
reply. The goal of the project is to reestablish in-depth connection through slow communication between two people. For this project, I rely on the help of traveling collaborators that spread a rather significant amount of cards throughout many different cities around the world. 

Collaborators: Antonia Jardim, Heloisa Jardim, Eduarda de Aquino, Raphael Caldas, Bettina Federici, Rebecca Barreto, Diogo Veiga, Catherine Picard, Carol Stival, Patricia Thompson, Iza Dezon, Brian Russo, Luiza Chataignier, Isabel Wilker, Rodrigo Borges, Luli Carvalho, Victoria Healey, Cristiane Parisi,  Ilma Borges, Jana Glatt Thais Delgado and Bruna Degow,

The 'Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha Art Intervention' was a collective response to the political neglect of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Inspired by Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” street art project, the graffiti artist Marcel Serrano and I, set off at dawn and painted a prompt on the pavement using biodegradable paint. The traditional Brazilian song “Se essa rua, se essa rua fosse minha” (which Lyrics means: if this street was mine) named this particular urban intervention. The lyrics of the song set the tone as an explicit declaration of love. With the old popular childhood song in mind, we reflected on our community values and how we need to think about the city where we all reside. At dawn, the tune was played on the flute at the corner of General Urquiza and Ataulfo de Paiva (both streets in the great neighborhood of Leblon) to call the attention of whoever passed by.

Collaborators: Marcel Serrano, Ímã Mobilizadores Studio, Estúdio Híbrido and #NaRua art intervention collective. 

 'Scavenger Hunt: The Search for Creative References as a Game of Associations' was a lecture/ workshop presented at Faculdade Cásper Líbero (São Paulo) during the 2015 Content Summit. I was invited by Daniele Rodrigues the content manager for creative excellence at Coca-Cola Brasil to reflect and teach techniques for creative content production focusing on innovative thinking to help brands engage their audiences effectively. 



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