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Assistant Curator of the group exhibition “THE OTHER IS YOU: BROOKLYN QUEER PORTRAITURE” 

Was a portraiture exhibition that took place from April 24 - May 12, 2019, as part of the larger annual festival called BRIC OPEN at the BRIC ARTS. The exhibition featured the work by some 37 Brooklyn LGBTQ artists, displayed salon style at BRIC’s gallery. Curated by the textile artist Liz Collins and Anna Parisi, the exhibition features artists at varying stages in their careers and working with a wide array of media. The overarching theme, The Portrait is Political, alludes to the fact that all three exhibitions on view in the gallery focus on artists and subjects who represent marginalized, under-recognized communities in Brooklyn.

Curator: Liz Collins

Assistant Curator: Anna Parisi

Sol Nova (assistant curator). 

Artists: Marina Ancona, Leilah Babirye, Deborah Bright, Geoffrey Chadsey, Lia Clay, Gal Cohen, David Antonio Cruz, TM Davy, Leah DeVun, Mohammed Fayaz, Camilo Godoy, Naima Green, Cristóbal Guerra, Jonathan Grassi, John Jurayj, Doron Langberg, Joseph Liatela, Brittany Maldonado, Xavier McFarlin, Melody Melamed, Jeanine Oleson, Isaac Pool, Antonio Pulgarin, Amy Ritter, Gabriel Garcia Roman, Em Rooney, Michael Sharkey, Tony Whitfield, Jasmine Weber, Courtney Webster & Meg Turner, Kristine Woods, Zhiyuan Yang, and Res.

Curator of the "Vidi Arte Collective Exhibition" - Mirante do Arvrão Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A collective exhibition took place in October 2014 at the hostel Mirante do Arvrão at the Vidigal community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. An exhibition that combined artists from the Vidigal community, emerging artists, and acclaimed Brazilian artists. To make the whole event particularly special and display the creativity that pulses within The Vidigal Community, the students of the CASA GERAÇÃO were invited to show their creations and their own t-shirt compositions. A competition was held to select 5 t-shirt designs, and the selected works were transformed into prints, offering students the first step in the fashion and art market through their own names and merits. 

Curator: Anna Parisi

Assistant Curator: Roberta Fernandes & Marcel Serrano

Artists: Anna Fischer, Carol Cruz, Casa Geração Vidigal, Felipe Duarte, Guilherme Maueler, Hélio Pellegrino, Joana Passarelli, Letícia Heger, Tarm, Mano Penalva, Afonso Soares, Marcel Serrano, Pat Thompson
and Viviane D'Ávilla 

Collaborators: Casa Geração, Mirante do Arvrão, Mesclado Camisetaria

'Forget Me Not', 2013 - ongoing

'Forget Me Not' is an ongoing postcard project that began in 2013. Postcards are scattered through different cities of the world with a handwritten message and a return address. Each postcard contains a message that urges the card finder to interact and reply. The goal of the project is to reestablish in-depth connection through slow communication between two people. For this project, I rely on traveling collaborators that spread a rather significant amount of cards throughout many different cities around the world. 

Collaborators: Antonia Jardim, Heloisa Jardim, Eduarda de Aquino, Raphael Caldas, Bettina Federici, Rebecca Barreto, Diogo Veiga, Catherine Picard, Carol Stival, Patricia Thompson, Iza Dezon, Brian Russo, Luiza Chataignier, Isabel Wilker, Rodrigo Borges, Luli Carvalho, Victoria Healey, Cristiane Parisi,  Ilma Borges, Jana Glatt, Thais Delgado and Bruna Degow,

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