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'Forget me Not Postcard Project', 2013-ongoing

'Forget Me Not' is an ongoing postcard project that began in 2013. Postcards are scattered through different cities of the world with a handwritten message and a return address. Each postcard contains a message that urges the card finder to interact and reply, and a promise to keep communication going, as long as they write back. The goal of the project is to reestablish in-depth connection through slow communication. Traveling collaborators pick their favorite locations to scatter the postcards, take a picture for my records. Postcards have been left in Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Brighton, Buenos Aires, Chiang Mai, Chicago, Cambridge, Helen (Georgia), Hong Kong, Paris, Ko Pho Ngan, Mexico City, Milan, Nice, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Tokyo, Utretch, Wales, New York, Philly, New Orleans, Nigeria, Kyoto, Hvat, and Hvar…etc…

Collaborators: Antonia Jardim, Heloisa Jardim, Eduarda de Aquino, Raphael Caldas, Bettina Federici, Rebecca Barreto, Diogo Veiga, Catherine Piccard, Carol Stival, Patricia Thompson, Iza Dezon, Brian Russo, Luiza Chataignier, Isabel Wilker, Rodrigo Borges, Luli Carvalho, Victoria Healey, Cristiane Parisi,  Ilma Borges, Jana Glatt, Thais Delgado and Bruna Degow.

Contact me if you want to become a collaborator. 

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